Debating the Debate


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Unfortunately, being with my church community group Thursday evening (an important part of my life that definitely trumps Trump and the gang), I did not see the Republican debate. But after having watched several video clips on television and social media, and listening to a few sound bites coming from the local news station I tune into each morning on my drive into work; perhaps I should have begun this writing with the word “fortunately” instead of “unfortunately”.

Other than what looked and sounded like a gloves off  romper room brawl, it doesn’t appear that I missed much – how disappointing. What you want to hear are grown-up men, not squabbling boys, address issues that matter; where you plan to take us as a country, and how you plan to get us there. We watch to see strengths and weaknesses; who will effectively field the hard questions and successfully navigate the landmines that we might stand up and say, “I trust his leadership, I can sleep soundly at night on his watch, I am confident this guy knows the way and will get me and my family safely through this field of explosives without being blown to bits”.

Yes, I expect there to be differences, I anticipate argument and tune in to see who best articulates and defends their position laying out a clear roadmap, a strategy that is both reasonable and viable. 

As it appears this debate didn’t get the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and was more a farce than a Face the Nation with ideas and pertinent facts expected in a Presidential debate, argument worthy of the office respectable men attain too – I am disappointed; but I won’t be giving up on the Grand Old Party and hope you won’t either. I feel quite certain that once the dust has settled and the blood coagulates in Cincinnati come July; we will have forgotten this insane free-for-all, get behind the chosen one and pray for him, pray for our nation, that America will be great again under a new Republican Commander in Chief. Just Thinkin’.