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Today’s Devotional

by Pat Cooper

When life gives me lemons my instinct is more like squeeze out the juice and squirt someone in the eye than it is to make lemonade. I know I should trust God and not complain when I get bummed out, but like Israel wandering in the wilderness, I too am human and am prone to bellyache at hardships and difficulties. And near the top of my pet peeve list (things I find extremely annoying) is being stuck behind an 18-wheeler or a larger vehicle that obscures my vision of the road ahead. I want to know in advance if traffic is backing up or a State Trooper is parked along the roadside somewhere looking to welcome someone to Texas. But as Isaiah points out (55:8-9), God and I, we don’t think alike. His way of doing things and mine are quite different.

Far beyond human comprehension is the mind, plans and purposes of a sovereign God who bids me trust him, just follow him. The scenery will not always be picturesque nor the road free of potholes, but should you commit to the quest you will find it to have been a trip worth taking, and yes, he knows the way.

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