Dear Christian Shack Fans,

It was a good read; I enjoyed the novel, loved it in fact. But as scores of Christians head to theaters to watch the cinematic version of the Shack I feel compelled to ask that you remember it is a novel work of fiction; not unlike The Chronicles Of Narnia, or for that matter, Star Wars. Yes, there will be lots of spiritual overtones, and I feel sure its moral value will be worth the admission price. However, Christian moviegoers should keep in mind that it is not an adaptation to the big screen of an actual biblical event. Yes, I intend to be in the audience over the weekend watching the movie. I have always went to see how good or bad Hollywood represents a book I have read. But as I sit with my wife and friends, eyes peeled to the screen, it will be for the movies entertainment value and not a lesson in theology; that it is not.

May the force be with you,