Recently a lady I know shared of her feeling abandoned by Pastors. I once served the church she was a member of and was honored to celebrate her husband’s life when he passed. Many times I had sat at their table drinking coffee from my special cup she kept exclusively for me talking about the Savior we both loved. Although years had passed since serving as her pastor, that was not an excuse for my failure to visit with her and her special daughter after the funeral. Although she singled no one out, I was immediately convicted; I owed and extended an apology but the hurt I felt in my failure and continue to feel feels unerasable.

As ministers, we tend to become so involved in getting the gospel out to a lost world that we forget about the believer who feels lost in the world. Too, we sometimes make the tragic mistake of seeing a person strong in their faith walk and fail to recognize them being as human as we are, especially when misfortune unexpectedly crosses the threshold of their life and walking in faith exacts an emotional toll making it hard to keep walking. Heavenly Father, forgive me for my failures and my blindness.

Yes, pastors are human and subject to messing up, I often do. For this reason, I have always insisted that our eyes stay on Jesus – he will fail no one.