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I’m not looking for donations, I don’t want your money, I just have an important question (at least to me) to ask. Why do you go to church? Is it for a religious experience? Fellowship with friends? I wonder.

Because we have a ton of ready to serve clichés and platitudes, this may be somewhat a challenge, but try if you will. Without quoting or referring to one single passage of scripture. Doing away with the overworked religious sounding catch phrases of convenience. What might you say to someone as the reason(s) you show up each Sunday that would be the reason they would accept your invitation to be there too, or at least find going to church worth a second thought?

More than being curious, I feel a sense of desperation to reach those who don’t see a difference between weekends with the crowd at the Silver Saloon (a local hot spot) sipping a beer and Sundays at church with the other crowd taking communion.

Don’t string me up just yet, though, please. I know the Christian message has not and will not change; but might it be worthwhile to consider updating the delivery system, so to speak? At the least, might there be another way of explaining the value of church that will resonate in modern ears?

I know there are a lot of great thinkers out there so, please, think about it and respond soon. I would really love to hear from you. I simply have to scratch this incessant itch.