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One of the biggest issues I have as a wannabe online Christian writer is getting it right the first time. Inevitably, I find myself clicking the  download (1) tab wishing moments later I had said something a different way, or not at all. I scurry over to the  download (6) tab, click, and begin hammering away at the keyboard revising, adding and subtracting, rereading, amending, modifying, until with a half-witted sigh of approval I do it again –  download (1).


“But wait a second”, a voice of alarm goes off in my head, “this word would have worked better; that comma is wrong, should have been a semicolon, maybe a colon; a better phrase would be; I meant to say. . .” On and on I go.


Oh well, the bottom line is this. If you read the things I write you may want to read it again tomorrow. Perhaps I should add an  images (9) button alerting my readers to wait a day or two before hitting  images (8) and definitely hold off doing a  images (2) because in an hour or two you may opt for  download (9).


But then, as a wannabe Christian writer, to me it is important that my effort to communicate spiritual truth be an accurate representation of that truth. So if I can say it better another way, make things clearer so that someone better understands and is helped by my humble efforts – please be kind, you may be the one the  download (6) button helps most – tomorrow, of course.