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Watch this commercial ad all the way through – there is a happy ending.                     Thanks, Mitch Teemley, for the inspiration.


You step outside the house and begin to wander. “Oh my, that looks so good, but wait, it looks like a trap. Is it? Oh well, just a taste, no one is around”.

Nibble-nibble-nibble   Nibble-nibble-nibble

“Ummm, that’s really good, I like, tastes good, makes me feel good – I’m all in”.


Don’t you wish bad choices would all have a fairytale ending – but they don’t. If you haven’t already found this out, fellow Believer; don’t be a rat like this one, don’t go wandering off. Play it safe and stay with Jesus – you’re not likely to be as fortunate.

Just thinkin’