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“I am hard pressed between the two [three actually].” ~ Philippians 1:23

Looking down the road a few months, I think I have somewhat of a handle on how the apostle Paul was feeling when he wrote those words. No, it isn’t a stay here on earth or be with Jesus in heaven dilemma as it was for him that I find myself sitting here contemplating today; but who to vote for in November – the bad guy or the bad girl?

I certainly cannot pull the handle for Hillary, she yays my nays, pretty much standing up for everything I stand against. But I find the hand holding the pencil a bit shaky blotting out the little box on the ballot beside the Donald too as he is continually shooting himself in the foot. Goodness gracious, if he were to make it to the inaugural ball I’m not sure he would be able to dance; and, NO, Johnson fans, I can’t go there either as that ship captain supports things this deckhand just can’t get on board with.

Although I will keep singing it, I suppose the “Impossible Dream” is indeed impossible. Thus for me, it is no longer a choice between candidates but between parties. I will throw my nickel in with the party that best supports my views as a Christian and pray it will be a good investment.

Come to think about it, going to be with Jesus doesn’t sound bad, it would indeed be the better of the available choices.