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I really don’t consider myself a political activist but there has been an extremely loud alarm going off in my head of recent, thinking about our countries future and the impact third parties may have on our hopes for tomorrow. Granted, it may be that Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson would do an awesome job and make a great Commander in Chief, but we will probably never know. Looking at the track record for third-party and independent candidates (with the exception of a few having been elected to Congress over the years), history doesn’t find itself in their corner. Consider Teddy Roosevelt, although one of the most popular presidents to ever occupy the Oval Office, still yet, he came up short in his bid for re-election to the White House having left the Republican Party in 1912.

The fact is, no third-party candidate has ever won a U.S. presidential election, but what it appears they have done is split parties. It is the general consensus that “Roosevelt’s 1912 candidacy took votes away from the Republican candidate, incumbent President William Howard Taft, allowing Democrat Woodrow Wilson to win with just 41.8 percent of the popular vote”. The same is believed true in the 2000 election when Ralph Nader ran to the left of Democrat Al Gore placing Florida’s 25 electoral votes in the Bush camp deciding the presidency.

CNN’s, Jim Dexter wrote, “Third-party candidates rarely win elections, but they can split parties. That can affect the outcome of an election when a third-party candidate is especially strong, or when the race between the two other candidates is especially close.”

I would encourage American voters to think long and hard and to pray fervently before siding with and marking the ballot in favor of a third-party or independent candidate as the best they can probably hope for (historically speaking) is coming in third place, just behind the major parties second place finisher who in this election year will most likely be Donald Trump – should you pitch tent with Johnson.

I feel this time around to be a pivotal and decisive moment for our nation to be taken most seriously. The values those of us claiming to be followers of Jesus cling too are in the balance. The direction to which the scales of justice, morality, and religious liberty will tip I believe rests squarely in our hands going to the polls this November. The wife and I have a basket full of beautiful grandchildren who will be left in the wake of the choice we make on Election Day as I am sure many of you do too. Therefore, pray – pray without ceasing. Go to church on Sundays, be in the company of Believers, surround yourself with those who love Jesus, who in sincerity pray, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. The relationship you share with Christ and his people will impact your views in every area of life including the ballot you cast.

Your vote is truly America’s Hope. Will history repeat itself? Will a third-party again be the reason the right party comes up on the short end of the stick? That, of course, will be your decision.