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I am a fruit a fruit I am, My mind I find is in a jam; A round and round my thoughts they go, which one to choose I do not know. Which one’s legit, which one is spam; I am confused, confused I am,
I must decide, decide I must, who of the two that I should trust. If you can help, your help I’ll take, there is so much I find at stake,
Where will we be four years from now, behind a desk, behind a plow? At peace at war at war or peace? Perhaps it best to bend the knee;
To pray aloud and loudly pray, God please direct the choice I make,
Your will be done and may it be, the choice that keeps our country free.
Trump or Clinton, Clinton or Trump, We need to know which one to dump,
We’re in a jam, a jam we’re in, please help us through this jam again.