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Here I go again, most likely stirring up a hornet’s nest and running the risk of being unfriended by some, but I will be right up front in saying I am not an advocate of nor do I support abortion as a means of birth control. Inside the womb or out, a life is a life, precious to God and should be valued having the same rights as you and I. Please do not misconstrue my intended meaning as you read, I am Pro-Life and stand in support of legislation to that affect. I am opposed to Pro-Choice (as politically defined) – to me, it is murder. However, I strongly believe in the right to choose (freewill). Although I see our country continue following a destructive path that (in my humble opinion) will have at its end the end of a great nation – choice (freewill), is nonetheless a God granted, God-given, inalienable right clearly demonstrated in scripture. Although taking an innocent life can never be justified or made right on any level, and is forbidden by God, it happens every day. People choose to commit murder and God permits them to make that choice.

For followers of Christ, it is a most difficult prayer that speaks in humble refrain, “not my will, but thine, be done’. Perhaps more difficult for believers living in America today, though, is coming to terms with the thought that God may have already said to those living beneath the Stars and Stripes, “Okay, I have heard your voice, go ahead – your will be done, have it your way”. To me, that is a most frightening and very real possibility, one we find well documented in both Old and New Testaments.

Is there a place on this road where we can do a U-turn? Can we at least stall what appears to be the inevitable outcome of decisions being handed down by the United States Supreme Court? I’m not sure we can. However, in spite of what appears a continued descent away from any and all things godlike, let us continue to raise the banner of biblical truth high; not as militants, but in love, compassionately seeking salvation for those who are lost, or who have just lost their way. Our God desires all to be saved and none to perish (2 Peter 3:9), and we are to be the boots on the ground reporters getting out the news.

While we’re at it, let’s not make the tragic mistake of looking down on others who choose differently with a contemptuous snarl, or as they were a pathetic lot of misguided underlings unfit to walk among us. When we do, we are the misguided ones. We should know God’s love is not exclusive only to those who have chosen the Bible as a roadmap. He loves all and died for all.

As videos and comments posted by others who engaged in dialogue throughout my original post make clear, most women who choose to abort do so without knowledge of all the procedure entails or the risks involved – a case of ignorance. After being more fully educated, most (men and women alike) quickly change their position denouncing the Pro-Choice movement. Women of the world do not need our scorn or the verbal abuse of Pro-Lifer’s, they need compassionate guidance accompanied with an adequate education that will expose them to the facts concerning abortion. Yes, the choice will remain theirs to make, and as Believers, we should seek to further educate ourselves and pray a door of opportunity be opened to share truth both physical and spiritual.

It may be a dark, ominous cloud that hangs overhead right now, but in the not too distant future the clouds will be rolled back as a scroll, the trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend, then, at last, it will be well with my soul – and yours*. Never give up or resolve to defeat, Christian, “redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28 KJV); and as a side note, know this, the Supreme Court is not the SUPREME Court.

NOTE: I owe a debt of gratitude and want to thank my Physician friend who after reading my original post thoughtfully messaged me offering guidance in helping me to see through the muddy waters oy my hasty writing and clarify my position.

*Lyrics from “It Is Well with My Soul” by Horatio G. Spafford


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