Have you ever had one of those moments when your mind just all of the sudden took a side road without even thinking about where that road would take you? That is where I found myself early this morning. Without rhyme or reason, my fingers just began to stroll across the keyboard hammering out what you are about to read. I pray someone will find it useful today, or at least thought worthy.



A pastor is a man, not a god, but a fully human creature as you are. If you set him up on a pedestal, you are setting him up for a fall and yourself for disappointment. Being a man, he will make mistakes – expect mistakes. Many of the great characters we read about in the bible blew it, why should we think any less from our pastors? He has to climb the same mountains and forge the same valleys we do. Chances are, he has a family, a mortgage, a car payment, and medical bills to be paid. He has children that can be a bit unruly at times and must cope with the uphill struggles of parenting. He is well acquainted with frustration, anger, disillusionment, discouragement, pain, suffering, and heartbreak. Yet he has given himself to you and me, in spite of the foolish and unreasonable expectations we often assess, and though subject to ridicule and scorn, he is committed to serving God and stubborn people like those who sit before him each week.

God, please forgive me for being such a short-sighted, egotistical fool placing unwarranted, unnecessary, excess baggage on my pastor whose shoulders are no broader than my own. Help me to not be a thorn in his flesh or a pain in other parts of his anatomy that only adds to the burden he chose to carry on my behalf the day he answered your call. Remind me to pray for him, to speak words of encouragement to him and about him. Help me to realize like me, he is a mere man, but a man you have placed in my life to assist in transforming me into the image of your son else our paths would have never crossed.