He Is Risen

Just Thinkin'


Thinkin’ about John 19:30, if this moment in history were a movie set, you would find Jesus not only as the main character in the leading role, but you would also find him seated in the Director’s chair. He is the god-man, 100/100, fully God – fully man. He calls the shots every step of the way, from the cradle to the cross he is in absolute control, and when he said, “It is finished”, it was finished – there was nothing left to be done. The creator of the universe had stepped down into the arena of humankind, walked over to my table, picked up the check for my sin, paying in full my debt, tip included.

The words “it is finished” translates the “Greek “telesthai” (the perfect tense of “teleo”). It means “to complete, finish”, expressing completed action with continuing results”, Keathley writes. What that means is…

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