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I know I will probably catch a lot of flack with this post but that’s okay. I’ll just turn the a/c down a few degrees to compensate for the additional heat.


Recently on “LinkedIn” the question was posed, “For a Christian, does it really matter who we elect as president?” My answer: Yes! It matters.

Of the many ways, we have to express our Christian faith, one of those ways is at the polls on Election Day. Even though the person we choose on the ballot is confidential and no one will know unless you tell, our duty (responsibility, obligation) as Believers (in my humble opinion) is to choose; not necessarily for the candidate we think will make a good CEO, or commander in chief of our armed forces; but for the individual who will support and uphold the values we, as followers of Jesus, know to be the values he modeled and not back down from them. If he didn’t back down from the cross, neither should we back down from having our voices heard in support of godliness in the White House.

Granted, who our next president will be is already known to God; in the eternal realm, history has been written. But if his eye is on the sparrow, you can bet he’s watching you too, and you’re not off the hook from doing what is right which (again in my humble opinion) includes casting your vote, and who you cast it for.

Please don’t take me wrong or go off chasing rabbits. I am in no way saying you are not a Christian if you choose not to vote. With as unfortunate as I think that choice to be, that’s your right. No, it won’t affect your eternal destiny, but, it may well have a lot to do with your temporal arrangements.

Yes, it matters; Regardless of who may stand on platform inauguration day and sworn in to occupy the Oval office; as Christians, we need to be vigilant; to watch, listen, read up, be informed, pray and be there November 8, 2016 following what we believe to be the voice of God’s prompting and vote accordingly.

Furthermore, if the thousands who have paid the ultimate price to secure your right to vote isn’t enough – perhaps you should consider relocating to Russia.


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