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The book of Joshua begins in transition. We find in the first two verses of the book God speaking to Moses’ right-hand man telling him, “Moses my servant is dead.”

What to do? What to do?

I can only guess what may have been running through Joshua’s mind at that moment but reading the text, God didn’t give him time to think about it, “Get going” are the very next words we read (The Message Bible). God don’t beat around the bush does he? In my mind I see a picture of Joshua sitting at a table inside his tent, head in hands, mind wandering, a little apprehensive about who he was and where he and the nation of Israel might be going next. “Yes sir, I know the promise, Moses talked about it often – Canaan, Milk and Honey, I got it. But I saw some big and really bad looking people over there, men twice my size. Too, we are going to have to get past the city of, not the community, or town of incidentally, but the CITY of Jericho. Have you seen the walls around that place? We don’t have a ladder that tall, and unfortunately; the catapult won’t be invented for several hundred years. Oh, by the way, did I mention the Jordan River? I haven’t put a tape on it, but I know it’s got to be over 100 miles long: No way around it and no way over it. I sure hope you’ve got a plan because I don’t”.

What to do? What to do?

Life is often filled with uncertainty and challenges. The size of those challenges is a reason for the uncertainty. It was to this day, though, that Joshua was born. Under the tutelage of Moses, he had been bred to lead; but when the proposed project is an against all odds enterprise without a blueprint, even leaders (the greatest of them) hesitate. How many times have you asked a few questions about what you felt a heavenly prompting to do? “Hey, God, got a minute? We need a pow-wow, you and me”. Perhaps that is why God repeatedly tells Joshua, “be strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:6,7,9). He knows the size of the project, Joshua’s, yours and mine; he’s the architect. It’s not a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces, they’re all there, some of them just fell out of the box when you opened it – look for them.

What we find in this story is a call to trust the architect; that he knows how long the river is and how to get across it. He knows the size of the walls and how to get over them. He knows how formidable your adversaries and how to overcome them. Not a single twist or turn has he not already navigated and mapped out for your success as a believer.

What to do? What to do?

Look back and remember. Don’t pitch tent, but remember. Where you were and where you are. Remember Egypt, how God brought you out of bondage when you determined to follow Jesus. Remember the wilderness, how God provided when times were hard. Remember the Red Sea, how God made a way when there wasn’t one. Remember Joshua, and just go. Isn’t it amazing what God does when his people decide the best way to lead is to follow.

That’s the story of Community Life Church – c|Life. A few people who heard the call of God to “Go”, to “be strong and courageous” and follow him. As we continue to trust the architect, we will see the structure continue to go up, foot by foot, floor by floor. What will it look like 10 years from now; a two-story building, a high-rise or skyscraper?, I don’t know, I’m just a sheep following the shepherd.


In a mountainside leap of faith, Community Life Church set up shop at Claybon Elementary School in Forney, Texas. It was ten years ago this month that with neither a parachute on their backs or a safety net to catch their fall, they jumped; by faith plunging headlong into a chasm of not knowing. What they did know, however, was this; people need to be connected to God and one another, and it was that idea, that conviction, “Connecting People To God And One Another” that took the lead role in creating c|Life’s identity. Today, ten years later, the Community Life Church has four active campuses that have witnessed hundreds come to faith in Christ and some 3000 people attending services each week. Did the three amigos (David, Paul, and,Randy) see it coming, have an inkling, a premonition perhaps? Probably not, they just kept singing the same song: Connect people to God and one another. My guess is they’ll be singing it ten years from now on our twentieth anniversary; but where will we put everybody then? You think Jerry Jones might cut us deal on AT&T (Cowboys) Stadium? Just thinkin’.

clifecc|Life anniversary celebration. For church info go to clifec.com