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It looks to be about 10′ by 10′, I’m not that good at eyeball measurements though, it may be a 12′ by 12′. Beige colored walls reach about 10 feet vertically to connect with the white tiled doctors officeceiling above my head; a solitary light fixture at center – very bright. To my left, a workstation with a stainless steel sink, cabinets above and below. A paper towel dispenser, hand sanitizer, a few magazines, a sharps disposal container, two boxes of examination gloves and a tube of some kind of ointment sit neatly on the counter-top. Directly across from where I sit, in a relatively comfortable chair (my wife seated next to me), an examination table that I will occupy when the doctor comes into the room.

It was about six months ago when I got the news of having cancer. It was a simple follow-up visit for a procedure performed…

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