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Most every follower of Jesus living in America will agree that our country appears to be going to hell in a hand basket and it seems we are on the fast track. We will also agree that Jesus is the answer, the only answer for the spiritual crisis sweeping across our 2 cornation. With each passing day, we see passivity growing in the heartland as people become more tolerant choosing to appease and please rather than stand against moral corruption and ethical decay. From my vantage point, I see Christians entering a period of time where 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 may become the song we sing should we choose to exit the mainstream highway of societal norms taking the road less traveled.

Is the curtain about to drop? Has the final countdown begun? Honestly, I don’t know, but in view of both Old and New Testament prophecy (when overlaid over the current world scene), there is good reason to believe that it has. That being said the church must step up – put on a bold face and be busy about the Father’s business.

As believers, it is our job, our spiritual duty, in fact, to bring Christ to the world. There is no time to sit back and foolishly debate the use of modern music, multi-media, and other such methods utilized by many churches today (the devil loves to see believers bicker). I too, like other baby boomers, was raised up in a traditional church setting singing the old hymns and listening to sermons preached from the King James Bible. Certainly there is nothing wrong with either and both have a place and role to play out in God’s redemptive plan. We cannot, however, permit trivial differences to blur our vision and get us off-track, keeping ever before us and making clear note of the great commission which does not establish a “how to do” set of rules, but “what to do”.


Community Life Church (Sunnyvale, Texas campus) – The Wknd Event (January 2016)

Personally, I want to be onboard with a risk-taking church. One that navigates the cutting edge of a razor blade without being on the bleeding edge; a church willing to adopt a Star Trek mentality to go “where no man has gone before”; a church willing to take advantage of technological advances using every resource at its disposal to reach out to the community and the world with the life-changing truth of the gospel; a church understanding people aren’t where we want them to be, they’re where they are, and that is where we must go. Jesus said, “I want my house full, go out into the highways and the hedges and compel people everywhere to come in“ (Luke 14:23 My Version).

The highway is the place where most gather doing what most do, the hedges are those out of the way spots where fewer people gather doing what a lesser number do, or we might say in this context, are willing to do. What I hear Jesus saying is “whatever it takes”. Get out of your comfort zone and tell people everywhere the table is set, the dinner bell is ringing; it’s time to dine.