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Are there unsung heroes at your church, people whose contribution to the work is vital yet rarely receive a small thank you, not even a smile of gratitude tossed their way? Me – I am so guilty. Here is my recent story posted on Facebook, can you identify? Is there a familiar ring to it?


“Ham & Cheese, my favorite lunchtime sandwich. It sure would beat the Turkey & Swiss I’m swallowing down at the moment but hey, to each his own – right?

Looking over Facebook as I scarf my sandwich down, you know I noticed the “Likes” received on a post acknowledging the great work our pastor and worship leader done yesterday. Re-reading that post, a wave of conviction poured over me and I began to pray God’s forgiveness for my being so short sighted. Although Randy Wade and Casey Pruitt took center stage at the inaugural service of the c|Life Kaufman Campus and indeed done a wonderful job leading the people. There would be no center stage for them to stand on were it not for the players in the background, the supporting cast, if you will.

The greeters who stand outside in the cold with a warm welcome to those coming through the doors. The guys out on the street and in the parking lot making a traffic nightmare somehow manageable, and preventing Sunday morning church road rage (joking about the road rage). People brewing and serving hot coffee, cocoa, and donuts. People handing out C-links with a smile; the many who might miss services themselves to work with our kiddos while I enjoy it all, and those guys and gals keeping the lights and sound just right and the song lyrics flowing onscreen so I won’t sing the wrong words and look stupid to the person seated or standing next to me (kidding), and scripture for those, such as myself, who don’t carry their bibles to church anymore (shame on us).

Too, men such as Nick Edwards and his other campus counterparts who get the ball rolling as services begin, ladies such as Barbara Wood, and so many others in the back office who you might never see on Sunday morning but are putting together and making possible what you see. Of course, all glory goes to God, as he is the one at the helm of it all. But I should be more thoughtful of and thankful for those who accept his call to do the work they do.

Believe me, the c|Life experience we so enjoy each week is a joint effort of many caring people who give so very much – no strings attached. People who find contentment and  joy in serving and find no need of recognition for doing so.

Ladies and Gentlemen of c|Life, please forgive my tunnel vision, forgive me for only seeing who is in front of me and not the many who make it possible to have such a wonderful church to be part of. I am truly sorry. To all of you unsung heroes, Thank You.”


If you find yourself somewhere in what you just read. Reach out right away to those backstage at your church. The many who make your church the beautiful thing it is. Pray for them with the same intensity and fervor as for your pastor and other church leaders. These are people appointed of God to the work of his church and the furtherance of the gospel message throughout the world. They deserve and need our prayerful support and encouragement. Thanks for reading.

“We ask you, brothers, to respect those who labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you,and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work. Be at peace among yourselves.” (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13)