Questions, Questions, Questions, so many questions. Every day men and women stand in opposition to the Bible and the God who claims to be the primary author of it by posing questions. Carefully and cleverly thought out questions (or so thought) designed to discredit scripture and disarm those of us who hold its proclamation’s to be true and accurate. But who, really, are they trying to persuade? You and me, being followers of Jesus, or themselves?

For many who claim to be atheists, the arguments they bring to the table are the result of endless hours of painstaking studies in the sciences, philosophy and other related fields. Reading books and articles, attending lectures and spending late nights in front of their computer screens performing one internet search after another looking to find evidence to support their anti-biblical, anti-god claims. It’s amazing to me that many of them haven’t stroked out from mental exhaustion.

I, I don’t get it, but then again, maybe I do. I mean, if someone wants to deny the existence of God, then I suppose it makes sense for that person to mount a good case against Christianity not so much to dethrone my Christian views, but to convince self of his or her views that suffering a consequence becomes a non-issue.

Might that be at least a fragment of what lays at the heart of the matter for many who subscribe to atheism. I’m not necessarily talking about the Richard Dawkins, or, the Sam Harris kind of anti-theists. But the everyday guys and gals who have bought into what they sell. Is it possible some primal scenario plays out in their head hinting of a higher law, a moral right that demands accountability? That a penalty is to be paid when such laws or moral rules of the right are broken – ultimately? Could it be their conscience embraces denial as a means of coping rather than concede to the possibility of God?

Unless you are a masochist, no one likes pain. In my 60 plus years of life, I have experienced pain on many levels and have yet to find a time when I wanted to go back for a second helping. The Bible makes clear that apart from faith in Jesus Christ as God’s provision for sin, it may well be that an extremely painful destination is in your eternal future. The thought of such being a real possibility is to me rather disconcerting; better said, it’s downright frightening. So then in my humble opinion; the only way a staunch non-believer can live free of perpetual uneasiness about the possibility that there is a possibility, is to convince his or herself that the bible is fantasy. Nothing more than a work like Homer’s Odyssey or Iliad – a large volume of antiquated literature deserving of a place on the library shelf alongside Shakespeare and Dickens but it ends there. Because if the bible is not true, then God does not exist; if God does not exist, then there is no supreme authority to answer too – no judge who will impose an eternal penalty for our crime. They’re off the hook then, if they can just keep themselves convinced. How tragic.

Nonetheless, you understand one reason they MUST oppose the legitimacy of scripture. It is the only way they can live comfortably with their refusal to believe in it.

Just thinkin’